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Nom ICOOphelius Labs
Date de débutaoût 01, 2019
Date de finfévrier 15, 2020
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In the industrial and manufacturing sector, companies spend time, manpower, and resources to manage operational platforms [accounting, production, human resources, so on and so forth].

Even though this is considered disruptive to an organization; it is currently the standard practice. Managing multiple platforms, takes resources away from the primary goal of a company; which is growth, sustainability, predictability, and ultimately profit/liquidity. As companies grow, the dependency on these platforms also increases, which adds to the disruptive costs that are incurred in order to “just manage" these platforms.

Another disruptive hinder to any growing organization, is the lack of liquidity. Due to the current unfair competitive manufacturing environment, a growing organization is unable to order materials and supplies in an "as needed" fashion. The most common option is to purchase in bulk; and sometimes the minimum quantity requirements create overhead burdens. Such organizations rely on loans that carry interest and/or compounding basis points.

By forging partnerships with existing remittance and lending blockchain platforms in the FinTech Sector; we can achieve an inclusive ecosystem built on Programable Tokens + A.I. + 3D Printing. This opens new liquidity corridors for a growing organization.

Our approach projects an average savings of 40 Percent to create a more reasonable price point on final goods and increase immediate profitability, thus creating liquidity.

On average, manufacturing companies spend 40-60 Percent of their gross revenues on managing legacy systems, sourcing inventory, and a large
percentage of it is spent on the corresponding cost of labor needed to run/ manage these systems.

Founder & CEO
Head of Marketing
Head of Verticals
Prix0.3500 USD Vente42,857,143 Mode de paiementETH, USD
investissement minimum200 USD Distribution21% relevéN/A
Cap doux350,000 USD Cap dur15,000,000 USD
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