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Nom ICOmHealthCoin
Date de débutseptembre 13, 2018
Date de finmars 31, 2019
PaysHong Kong
Prend fin
4 Mois depuis
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We believe that everyone in the world has to be aware of healthiness himself or herself, no matter how old we are, how fat we are, or even how tall we are. However, in reality, most of the people would be likely aware their health situation until they get sick, serious illness, abnormal state or other forms in terms of “illness” instead of trying to prevent in earlier stage.

Our mission is to provide a platform with more diversified data collected for users to understand the health status by themselves in order to gain some incentives by improving health status or awareness of own healthiness. A widespread ideology of proactive awareness of own health status is our goal of this project.

Prix0.0100 USD Vente1,300,000,000 Mode de paiementETH, BTC
investissement minimum0.1 ETH Distribution32% relevéN/A
Cap doux4,000 ETH Cap dur25,000,000 USD
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