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Nom ICOGlobal Property Register
Date de débutmai 26, 2019
Date de findécembre 01, 2019
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1 Mois depuis
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Real estate is historically one of the most conservative and reliable sources to save and multiply capital, but with multiple barriers to entry for the common man. Since the entrance to this market is expensive, the average individual has to have a medium to high income, high credit scores, and a sizeable down payment to even be considered by lenders to purchase a property. Successful implementation of real estate projects in this field requires a high level of competence, experience, in-depth knowledge of law, finance, and construction technologies, not to mention the substantial initial capital for arrangement of all processes and implementation of the transaction for purchase and sale.

This makes it difficult for any individual without capital and experience to acquire and develop real estate assets and complete development projects. It leaves billions of people out of the opportunity and gives more weight for the rich and wealthy to concentrate holdings into bigger portfolios. Global Property Register (GPR) is an ecosystem of blockchain based solutions for real estate.

CMO - Chief Marketing Manager
CDO - Chief Development Officer
Prix0.0050 USD Vente2,500,000,000 Mode de paiementETH
investissement minimumN/A Distribution50% relevéN/A
Cap doux2,500,000 USD Cap dur25,000,000 USD
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