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Nom ICOAllSesame
symboleSesame Tok
Date de débutmai 21, 2019
Date de finjuin 15, 2019
Prend fin
2 Mois depuis
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Sesame Token is a Blockchain Ecosystem, architecturally designed to create the most Socialized Global Food Delivery Marketplace, developed collaboratively, using the blockchain technology. 

In today's world the technological development strides ahead very quickly. The trends of digitization and automation are already in full swing. The development of the Blockchain technology has led to a new trend- the trend of decentralization.

Sesame token aims to become the primary decentralized service that allows customers to order food from restaurants and have it delivered by couriers. Sesame token technical architecture is based on smart contracts.

To fund this project, Pre-sale will take place on Q2 2019. During this token sale, participants will be able to exchange Ether and other cryptocurrencies for Sesame Token, a token which fuels the platform. The company, which is the owner of the "Sesame token" service, is formed by a team of professionals.

Prix0.0010 USD Vente6,000,000,000 Mode de paiementBTC, ETH
investissement minimum0.1 ETH Distribution60% relevéN/A
Cap doux1,500,000 USD Cap dur6,000,000 USD
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