You heard well, Iliad, which is the company controlled by Mr. Niel, has become the first French partner in the project. This project called “Libra” is expected in 2020.

Mr. Niel has always been considered a visionary, who likes to get involved in projects with high potential, which is why he invested a modest $10 million to be among the first partners to join the project.

Why $10 million? Why $10 million? This is the minimum amount to have a “Ticket” that allows you to acquire a place in the Swiss foundation created by Facebook to bring together all Libra’s investors. In addition, this ticket will allow Xavier Niel to have a necessary “node” to access the Blockchain server of this Libra project.

Xavier Niel had already taken an interest in the world of Blockchain before by investing more than 100,000 euros in Sorare, a start-up specialized in this technology with Kima Venture, a group that recalled it, invested in Attayen which is at the origin of SaTT.

This “Libra” project already includes internationally renowned partners, such as Uber, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Spotify, Stripe, Lyft and

This famous “Facebook Coin” would like to revolutionize the way online transactions are carried out.

Some analysts even think that Facebook could bring together the Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram applications, all three of which belong to the same group. This strike force would allow Facebook Coin’s cryptocurrency to reach billions of users.

The use of cryptocurrency could allow almost instantaneous, safer and cheaper payments for users. This news will certainly help to restore the poor perceived image of cryptocurrencies.

To be continued.

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