Blockchain is best known to many in the world thanks to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether. Decentralized technology has allowed for the creation of digital currencies that are actively challenging the current financial landscape. However, there are other applications of blockchain that are also worth noting.

One of these is within the education sector as blockchain has been used to help combat certificate fraud around the globe. One of the latest places to embrace this has been Vietnam as it has been recently announced that the country will record its educational certificates on blockchains.


Vietnam Takes a Blockchain Leap 

This news comes courtesy of Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training which announced that they will begin deploying blockchain technology for issuing diploma certificates in 2021.

As per the November 18, 2020 announcement, they will be partnering with TomoChain, a local startup, to put the diplomas on the company’s blockchain. This will be done as part of the country’s “National Qualifications Archive” project in which all certificates, including high school and higher education certificates, will be issued using blockchain. Once the school year ending in 2021 begins, the system will be fully functional.

The reason behind this, according to the ministry, is to promote transparency and allow the immediate verification of the credentials of any student who studied in a Vietnamese institution. This also benefits employers as it saves them the time and effort they would have spent manually verifying each candidate’s credentials.

Diploma and certificate management is an issue that needs to be resolved by technology, which is significant for the whole of society and also cost-efficient for the diploma management system in particular, and education in general,” said Nguyen Van Phuc, the deputy minister at the MOET.

This goes to show not just the potential benefit of blockchain for students and employers but also that its benefits cannot be ignored by the government any longer. According to Kyn Chaturvedi, chief business development officer at TomoChain, this is the first time that the company is providing a service for a government institution. It is also the first time that the Vietnamese government is investing in blockchain.

“It is also the first time that the Vietnamese government is working with any blockchain business,” he said.

Should these sort of initiatives take off, it is likely that blockchain could see even greater use in the Vietnamese public sphere.

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