Known for the success of its marketing applications on Facebook, Atayen continues to grow through the development of SaTT, an application designed for advertising performance. The aim is to disrupt the online advertising market by ensuring secure transactions and compliance with obligations between parties, i.e. advertisers and brands wishing to convey their image.

Created in 2014 by Gauthier Bros and Stéphanie Clement, ATAYEN Inc is an American company whose business consists in developing marketing applications for pages doing business on social networking websites in order to optimize their performance.

Atayen’s philosophy lies in its functional richness. Indeed, the Iframe application suite, the company’s flagship product, integrates a whole range of functionalities essentials to ensure a quality communication with customers and thus the smooth running of an online business through powerful tools, that are easy to use and ready to use.

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Atayen’s success is notable, particularly through the 4 million customers in more than 176 countries it was able to satisfy in recent years. The company has no reasons to envy its various competitors offering similar services. indeed, many well-known brands benefit from the services of the Iframe application, such as Ikea, Disney, Coca Cola, Amazon, Nike, Starbucks, and Volkswagen, the list is not exhaustive.

The society in which we live today is changing so rapidly that it is difficult for economic actors to adapt calmly in order to sustain their activities. This is particularly the case for advertisers, who must constantly review their communication strategy to reach an increasingly individualistic clientele and therefore increasingly demanding in terms of service quality. As the shoot-and-scoot approach to digital marketing is operating much less efficiently than before and recognizing the lack of financial resources to carry out a profitable advertising campaign, current methods of calculating the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign, including calculating the number of impressions, clicks or sales, lack effectiveness to really understand consumers’ needs. They do not understand the research and understanding of reactions on social networks that are useful in judging the performance of an advertisement. As a result, advertisers lack the tools to analyse in depth the reaction of prospects in the market.

It is therefore on this aspect that the SaTT project concentrates its fields of expertise. The implementation of a decentralized intelligent application allowing the detailed analysis of advertising performance through a so-called “intelligent” contract. This contract will collect data from the main social networks to quantify the return on investment in the advertisers’ environment. The application will also allow payments to be processed automatically once the terms of the contract have been respected, thereby strengthening trust between parties.

With SaTT, advertisers and publishers will be able to obtain results such as impressions, clicks, subscribers, sales or reactions on social networks for a campaign with the most relevant tools according to the marketing objectives set. As new information enters the SaTT ecosystem, new tools can be added to make it more comprehensive and efficient.

“SaTT is the result of a deep and in-depth knowledge of the digital marketing industry, one of the most dynamic industry in the world for over a decade. We have experienced these difficult moments ourselves, but we are convinced that what we have created with SaTT will solve all these problems and create an ecosystem that will help companies to make the most of marketing opportunities and achieve their objectives successfully.

– Gauthier Bros, CEO of ATAYEN, Inc.

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Currently, SaTT is on the top 5 on ICOBench with an good rating of 4.6/5 according to 45 experts from the first rating platform.

For more information, take a look at the project website.


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