You want to create your own cryptocurrency? Do you need a marketing agency to help you develop and promote your project?
CIA Marketing supports your ICO/STO/IEO project, exchange platform, blockchain event or any project related to blockchain, from the creation to its completion.

Creation / Review of ICO documents

With years of experience in creating and reviewing business plans, Whitepaper, One-Pager & Pitch Deck for various projects, our team of experts will highlight the qualities of your project in a simple, clear and relevant way.

Development and audit of Smart-Contracts

Our team of experienced developers can create your custom smart-contract based on your needs on Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stellar and Tron.

Custom ICO website, SEO and dashboard

Our web designers offer you to create your custom website (no templates), ensure SEO referencing and integrate a dashboard for investors.

Listing ICO

We offer the opportunity to list your ICO individually among more than 100 ICOs ratings or referencing platforms, while optimizing ratings.


Our PR experts offer you a fully customized media campaign based on your objectives. You can also discover our global PR offer which will allow you to publish in all the main mainstream and specialized medias, one of our best seller.

Listing Exchange Platforms or IEO

We have negotiated with the 50 largest current trading platforms at an unbeatable price to list your token for your ICO, as well as the best IEO offer to boost your fundraising.

Legal information

Our legal partners and experts in cryptocurrencies come from the best law schools in France and are specialized in ICO / STO. We propose several offers, from the creation of your ICO / STO, to the drafting of your contracts and all the necessary steps for the smooth running of your project, always with the best prices on the market.

Smart Airdrop & Bounty

We work with market leaders to create and manage your Bounty and Airdrop campaign. We ensure you an optimal promotion that will allow you to considerably broaden your audience in order to obtain an optimal engagement on social networks, in a smart way.

Translation of your English documents into French

Our bilingual editors in English and French offer you the opportunity to professionally translate your various documents, White Paper, Pitch Deck, Website One-pager or others.

The French Pack

Did you know there are 275 million Francophones on earth? And more of the ¾ of them only speak French!
Discover our Pack to promote your project to the French community, including the leading crypto and mainstream medias, influencers, youtubers and much more.

Pool creation and VC contact

Our team of analysts is at your service to carry out an in-depth analysis of your project in partnership with various investment pools and to assign a rating to your project. You will be then in direct contact with our network in order to help you raise the funds you need.

Events / Blockchain Shows

Our team has many partnerships with the largest blockchain events in the world. We regularly have promotions up to 30% to 60% on the original price, we also offer to create your roadshow and select the most relevant events according to your objectives.

Social networks

Our team of community managers specialized in ICO and crypto-currency offers you the opportunity to manage all your social networks and answer any of you questions individually in order to engage your community as much as possible.

Youtube review / Telegram boost

We have many partnerships with the most famous youtubers as well as important crypto discussion groups on Telegram to promote your project, in an organic and smart way.

Growth Hacking

Our Growth Hackers team offers you the opportunity to optimize your social networks using various technical tools. We can help your communities and their commitment to your social networks take off. We also offer social networking packages that will allow you to start your ICO with more than 10k followers on each social network.


Our team of renowned Advisors is composed of the best ICO Advisors in France, several times cited in Forbes and other renowned media, having to their credit a very broad experience in the development of ICO (+30 projects). We are also in contact with the best Advisors from different parts of the world, Asia, Europe, Australia, USA etc. Our admission process is slow and complex, so we only select experienced Advisors.

CIA Media

We offer you to write and distribute different types of articles on our CIA media. Featured, exclusive PR interview or video interview. It is also possible to promote your Airdrop or ICO on our corresponding pages. Please note that the ICO favorite is not a paid offer and will be selected by us based on our analysis.

CIA's surprise

Our customers choose us for our packages because we guarantee the best results for the best price with the best actors on the market while ensuring optimal customer service. But that’s not all!

In order to prevent our competitors from copying our original concepts, we have a whole range of services (not available to the public) that we can make available to you according to your needs, contact us to learn more about our “secret” offers, that made our reputation !

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