Mike Novogratz, the cofounder of Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency merchant bank, is not new to making bold statements. Known for his various ideas and predictions, Novogratz managed to surprise people yet again.

As the year start, many investors and cryptocurrency supporters are wondering about the fate of Bitcoin in 2020. The recent crashes haven’t been as promising. Though, there is hope that cryptocurrency will flourish soon.

Novogratz decided it was time to share his predictions for next year with his followers. He tweeted a list of his predictions on 28th Dec’19. In his usual flair, he added a political twist by predicting the US presidential election result. In fact, that was his first prediction for 2020.

US Elections

It is no secret that Trump has made anti-crypto comments in the past. His stance on cryptocurrency has been quite clear. And with many of them discussing the US presidential election, Novogratz’s statement that Trump would lose the election by 10 million votes sure catches the eye.

Though Trump’s rating on the same lines as of Clinton and Obama (both got re-elected), this doesn’t concern the crypto investors as much as the Bitcoin does. Still, Novogratz mentioned that if his prediction went wrong, he would pay 1 ETH (Ethereum), the largest altcoin, to a Twitter user with whom he had made a bet. 1 ETH would is worth around $130.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, replied to the Tweet saying that Trump would win the elections and wished Novogartz good luck with his 2021 predictions.

Bitcoin Predictions

Moving on to other predictions, Novogratz said Bitcoin would touch or finish at $12,000 by the end of 2020. This would mean that Bitcoin is likely to reach a higher amount sometime in the middle of the year.

Earlier this year in May, Novogratz said Bitcoin would touch $20,000 in 2020. It seems that he still believes in the assessment that the cryptocurrency would break $20,000 and end at $12,000 as 2020 would end.

Novogratz is not the only one to believe that major changes would take place next year. If we consider the various technical metrics, it can be noted that Bitcoin is already on the path for a bullish shift.

Earlier this month, John McAfee took a step further; rather, many steps further and claimed that Bitcoin would touch $1 million by 31st Dec 2020. He continued by saying that despite having no chance of winning, he would focus more on running for US President instead of devoting his time to promote cryptocurrency.

Other Predictions

With the Summer Olympics scheduled for the next year in Toyko, Novogratz predicted that the US Wrestling team would win three gold medals. The man himself is a former Princeton wrestler, and this adds weight to his prediction.

It would be interesting to see how many of his predictions would come true in 2020. Crypto investors sure are looking forward to seeing Bitcoin soar high on the charts.

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