Have you ever heard of tokens? This category of cryptocurrency is the new benchmark for tomorrow’s economy, and it is gaining ground on Bitcoin every day.

For a long time reserved for traditional companies and financial assets, a young French company has accelerated the democratization of tokens by becoming the first company in Europe to allow the creation of anonymous and personal tokens.

Thanks to Nokenchain, it is thus possible to transfer digital assets (= tokens) between two parties without needing the authorization of a third party (= bank…) to buy art, records, make donations… in order to support one’s, favorite artist.

In order to allow the French-speaking people the passage on the Internet 3.0, Nokenchain and the association N&M organize a historic event: the official launching of the individual tokenization in France and in French-speaking countries!

It will take place in Lyon on 10 January 2020 from 6 pm. On the program: the crypto-preview of “Born” (Lyon painter-dancer), the music of DJ Groove Sparkz (French DMC 2017-2018 champion), Lyon’s gastronomy and more.


An exceptional evening to officially launch the individual tokenization

Save the Date: on Friday, January 10, 2020, at 6:00 pm, the place to be to live a historic moment will be in Lyon!

Art lovers, geeks, technology enthusiasts and all those who want to share moments of conviviality will take part in the transition to Internet 3.0 with token payment.

This evening (not free) will be rich in beautiful meetings, artistic discoveries, and exceptional animations.

On the program, the crypto-preview of the paintings of “Born”, painter-dancer from Lyon.

NokenChain Foundator

Born’s arts can be purchased directly in cryptocurrency.

NokenChain Event

DJ Groove Sparkz, French DMC champion 2017-2018 (category “Battle for supremacy”)

Groove Sparkz, the DJ of the French turntablist scene, has been evolving for 11 years now in this field. Lulled by hip hop, soul and funk and strongly influenced by electro and bass music, he manages to mix melodies and grooves of several styles thanks to his technique which makes his sets dynamic and catchy.


Numerous animations

Savour some of Lyon’s unmissable food (charcuterie, bugnes, cheeses…), get behind the decks with a renowned DJ, take part in a “wallet installation” workshop with Youssef, Nokenchain’s customer manager… from 6 pm, there will be a maximum of beautiful things to try in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.


How to pay with cryptocurrencies? 

Don’t panic! You don’t need to be very knowledgeable in crypto to buy a beautiful Born painting or to understand how tokens work.

The N&M association will issue its own tokens that will allow you to reserve your place and acquire your favorite work. A wallet installation workshop (= wallets/accounts in crypto) is also planned so that crypto will hold no more secrets for you soon!


Nora Djaghout, the co-founder of the N&M association, says :

“With this event, we want to contribute to make (finally) individual tokenization known in France! Our country, although very dynamic in terms of technology, is lagging behind in this area. This lack of information must be quickly made up if we want to prepare the economy of tomorrow.”

Created in the spring of 2019 by Nora Djaghout and Matthieu Chassagne, N&M is a Lyon-based non-profit association.

It was born out of observation: there is currently in France a flagrant lack of synergy between certain professions, particularly those in the real estate sector.

N&M also promotes credible and promising projects, such as the tokenization developed by Nokenchain. Nokenchain will also intervene as a technical service provider during the evening of 10 January, as well as to promote its services (creation of tokens and blockchain services).

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