All About NFTs

If you keep up with blockchain and the wider tech industry then you’ve likely heard the term ‘NFT’ being thrown around these days. Every other day, there is some headline about an NFT being sold for a large amount of money and about the impact of NFTs on the wider world beyond art and entertainment.

But what is an NFT and why are they so popular these days? A deep dive into the world of NFTs would touch on a blockchain, art, culture, and the changing ways that we consume content in the 21st century.


What is an NFT?

The term ‘NFT’ stands for non-fungible token and is a digital, blockchain-based asset that represents ownership of a specific asset, whether real-life or digital. When you buy the NFT of an asset, you own it and the record of ownership is made publicly available on the blockchain.

NFTs are commonly used for pieces of media that can be easily reproduced like songs, art, movies, and so on. Over the last few years, NFTs have become immensely popular with billions of dollars being spent on them in recent times.


Why Are They So Popular?

NFTs have become one of the most popular offerings of blockchain in recent times and for good reason. First, it gives content creators and artists a convenient avenue to sell their work. Digital artists, in particular, have turned to NFTs for selling their art easily around the world. Not only does it make the process of selling art easy, but it also combats the problem of counterfeit art considering that the ownership of the assets and their transfer is recorded publicly and permanently on a blockchain.

That way, consumers can be sure that they are buying genuine products and creators can be in control of how their work is monetized. The transfer of the ownership of an asset is recorded on a blockchain and so, everyone can confirm when an asset is minted as an NFT, sold, and re-sold.

It also provides access to popular content such as iconic memes, albums, and so on. We already interact with this sort of media on a consistent basis but NFTs take these to a new level. With all the benefits for both consumers and creators, it is no surprise that NFTs have remained so popular.


NFTs Moving Forward

More platforms for NFTs are popping up these days as well as more ways to leverage NFTs. We have already seen things like artwork and memorabilia being sold as NFTs but now tweets and memes have joined the fold. After all, what is to say that memes are not valuable in the same way that paintings are?

Moving forward, we can expect NFTs to remain a consistent part of content creation and content consumption with both creators and consumers benefiting.

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