How to proceed to transfer coins or tokens from an exchange to your Binance account? (NB: In this case we will take Mercatox exchange but the different steps are almost the same with any other exchanges).

In order to do this, go to the exchange website holding the tokens you want to send and connect to your account.

Then, go to your balance and click on “Withdraw” (NB: You can only send one type of token at a time. It is not possible to send Ethereum and Bitcoin at the same time).

send mercatox tuto

deposit withdraw send mercatox tuto

In this case we will send Ethereum but this manipulation is also valid for other cryptocurrencies.

After you clicked on the “Withdraw” box this window will appear. (NB: Crypto exchanges almost always charge fees. Those fees usually vary depending on the exchange and the size of the transaction.)

send mercatox eth tuto

In this window you can enter the amount of tokens you want to send.

submit mercatox tuto cia

To find the right address, go to your Binance account click on “Fund” then on “Balance“.

funds binance help

Then click on the “Deposit” button of the corresponding pair of token you wish to receive. In this case, Ethereum.

list binance mercatox tuto

The following window will appear.

send list binance interface

Copy the ETH address. We recommend that you click on “Copy address” to ensure that all characters in the address are copied. A single mistake could send your tokens to the wrong recipient and make you unable to recover them.

Make sure that your address matches the correct token. In this case it is specified that it is an ETH address, so it is only willing to receive ETH. If you send BTC to this address you will never get your BTC back, so be careful.

Once you have copied the ETH address, paste it into the “Address” location of your exchange.

mercatox submit eth tuto cia

Then click on “Submit“.

list binance interface

Your ETH will then be in the transfer process, depending on the exchange this manipulation must sometimes be validated via your email address.

You can also note the validation progress on Binance, in the “Deposit” tab.

lists binance btc eth cia

confirm binance send tuto

eth list binance cia

In this case it is necessary to wait for the validation of 30 blocks.

confirm send binance interface

Once the confirmation is completed, you’ll receive your ETH on Binance.

list mercatox binance interface

And that’s it, we are done.

You’ve successfully sent your coins or tokens to Binance.

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