Hello and welcome to this tutorial dedicated to Airdrops. In the previous article you learned what an Airdrop is and the rules to follow to make money and succeed in the Airdrops world. In this tutorial, you will learn to participate in an Airdrop and perceive your first tokens through an example that we will illustrate. I would like to point out as I wrote in the previous article (understanding how Airdrops work) that all Airdrops are different, which can lead you to perform actions on social networks in different ways. This tutorial is for beginners in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Ps: Cryptocurrencies have a global influence, which is why knowledge of English is necessary for a minimum of comfort. Nevertheless, some links to French-speaking pages will be available at the end of the page.

Where to start?

As specified in the 9 Airdrops commands, you need to perform the tasks in the following order:

1) A new email address dedicated only to Airdrops you will create

Believe me, this is the best we can do if you don’t want to pollute your home address because Airdrop advertisers like us a little too much as you can see on the picture below.

2) Specific accounts on social networks you will use

The minimum is to have an account dedicated only to Airdrops on Twitter and Facebook, although having an account on Bitcoin talk and Medium would be a plus. In addition, these sites are full of valuable information about the latest news about crypto-currencies. Don’t worry if you are only present on the first 2 networks, because it is already possible for you to participate in all the Airdrops offered on the market.

3) A Telegram account you will use

Telegram is an encrypted messaging application similar to WhatsApp and Messenger, whose main argument is the channel functionality to optimize the visibility of a company’s press releases by bringing together several thousand users in a common group. “But then, why use Telegram?” you might say. Because unlike Google Forms, which requires manual verification, the application offers a feature that automatically verifies the information entered during participation, making verification easier. With a particularly careful ergonomics in terms of participation in Airdrops, Telegram ensures its leading position in the promotion of airdrop advertisers.

As the phone number is required to register, I strongly recommend that you download the application to the phone to use it at any time. Finally, you can later connect to the computer for more convenience via the site or by downloading the desktop application for the computer.

The image above is a capture of a telegram connection from the web application. A code that will be sent to the phone application will be asked after confirming your number.

telegram airdrop cia

Here is an example of an Airdrop campaign on Telegram. We take here the case of “Share Me All” which we advise as part of their fundraising, a project wishing to bring barter up to date through the blockchain.

airdrop telegram mission

You will see in the image the description of the tasks to be performed to participate in the Airdrop. A simple click on each of the links redirects you to the page you need to follow. As I mentioned in the previous article, the more actions you perform, the more tokens you will receive at the end of the Airdrop. Such an organization allows you to participate quickly in an airdrop and offers you the opportunity to participate in several airdrops to increase your chances of getting rich, although some participations require 30 minutes of your time, even if it is rare.



Here is an example of different Airdrops for which we can participate on this date.

To the right of each line, the time remaining to complete the participation is indicated. The opinions of the participants illustrated through the thumbs make it easier for you to make decisions about which airdrops to participate in. Finally, you can see different icons. These are the networks on which we must carry out the actions in order to validate our participation in the airdrop and thus our eligibility for the distribution of tokens. In this illustration, we will choose the most generous Airdrop, V-Trust offering $26 in tokens.

description airdrop


In the red box, you can read the details characterizing the Airdrop V-Trust as:

  • The number of tokens for which you are eligible during the distribution (875)
  • The value of the tokens distributed ($26.3) + sponsorship
  • The number of bonus tokens offered to each person you have sponsored (125)
  • The countdown
  • The opinion from users
  • The technology on which the token will be based (here it is the Ethereum ERC20 network)
  • The total supply determines the number of tokens that will be in circulation when the project enters the market.
  • The price/token defines the cost of a token at purchase. This price will change as it enters the market depending on the confidence investors have in it.

Therefore, it is difficult to assign a valuation from the last two pieces of information, it is possible to imagine the theoretical valuation of the project when it is listed on the exchange markets. The valuation will be determined according to the number of tokens in circulation multiplied by the price of the token.

You can observe the social networks on which you must be present to perform the requested actions. To be eligible for this airdrop for example, you need to have an account on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Mail and Youtube.

The following is the order in which you should follow the instructions.

We will therefore follow the steps and explain them in pictures.

  1. Start the V-Trust Telegram Airdrop Bot

After accessing the Telegram channel, the robot asks us to register on the site. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox or your junk mail.

vtrust verification cia

airdrop mail verification cia

Once we have validated the registration on the website, we continue to follow the following steps.

Open and join the advertiser’s “main channel

Return to the conversation with the robot indicating the instructions

The following instruction asks you to follow the page on social networks. You will be directly redirected to the account to follow via the links to save time.

twitter vtrust

Once the account is tracked, you enter your username in the Telegram conversation to receive your first tokens. The next steps will be to proceed in the same way on other social networks.

Once you have performed these actions, the final step will be to give the address of your Wallet (not to be confused with the private key) in order to collect the tokens once the campaign is over. Once the address has been given, a dashboard is available to you to see the evolution of your portfolio thanks to your sponsorships in particular, through the referencing link.


Finally, you will be able to find out if your well-deserved tokens have been transferred by visiting Ethplorer

Congratulations you have just successfully completed your first participation in an Airdrop and you will receive at the end of the campaign 625 tokens that can be, will make you a rich man!

That’s it, this article is coming to an end, I hope I have properly illustrated a participation in an Airdrop. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it or leave a comment to let us know what you think. In the meantime, I look forward to the next article ?

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