The Global Crypto Alliance is moving forward with investing in a new kind of crypto education under the leadership of Karen New, who will be heading up their new business pillar, GCAcademy.

After seeing how clever her idea was of applying the entertainment of comics to her vast educational experience & valuable knowledge on Blockchain technology, and how wildly popular the products of those ideas have become, CEO René-M. Bogislawski reached out to connect with her. He is excited to announce that Karen has officially joined their team to head up a fresh-new pillar under the umbrella of GCA, which will be called GCAcademy!


Global crypto alliance

Global crypto alliance



GCAcademy will represent a step towards education on the basis of Fin-Tech, Blockchain, and Crypto. It will not be just another portal that simply educates users, but rather where they can earn CALL in the process. Its aim is to create an organic crypto generation that will enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology. Knowledge is power! Who says you must only pay for education? In GCAcademy, you can also get rewarded for learning!

I am very happy that Karen decided to join our team, bringing invaluable educational experience with a comical twist. Our team continues to grow, and it feels great to have such a reputable & artistic businesswoman in the crypto industry who shares the same drive and determination and can help us to strengthen our ecosystems that much more. We are expanding fast while progressing with more awareness every day. Karen will be another valuable pillar of the Alliance spearheading a different kind of educational unit that the crypto industry so desperately needs.— René-M. Bogislawski, Chief Executive Officer at Global Crypto Alliance.é-m-b-o-g-i-0881651

I am honored to be on board with a team that strives to benefit the mass audience with crypto education and to build up the GCAcademy. Being in a team that created the first ERC777 project makes her feel that she is at the forefront of the next wave in blockchain technology & adoption. Based in Singapore, which is the birthplace of many blockchain projects, will also make GC Security – another pillar of GCA – more accessible.

She can foresee that GC Security will be able to assist projects to upgrade their smart contract tech to ERC777 for greater feature security and control, and most importantly, to avoid the painful feeling when tokens get stuck & lost forever when accidentally sent to the wrong type of ETH address – an invaluable characteristic of ERC777.  As a special Christmas gift to commemorate this exceptional partnership, I have decided to give away 1 of my comics to one lucky person who reads my interview in the article referenced below between Dec 25 – Dec 28.Karen New, Head of GC Academy, Author of 1st Comic Book series on the impact of Blockchain on our Life.


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For an in-depth interview with Karen on her life and her works, you can read the recent article INTERVIEW WITH KAREN NEW – CREATOR OF EDUCATIONAL CRYPTO COMICS.

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