Estonia has issued more than 2000 crypto licenses, so it is the most preferred destination for any blockchain project or for a startup. Estonia has selected globally as the number one ecosystem for the startups and has 0% corporate tax that allows building startups with a piece in mind. Apart from this, various other favorable policies like workforce capability, online company registration, low running cost, etc. are other important factors that must be considered before choosing Estonia as a dream country for your blockchain projects. The second-year company maintenance cost is nearly 1,000 € and there is no office needed in Estonia. The Estonian government has built an e-residency system to manage your business entirely online.


Estonia Crypto Company


                                                                                     That’s how Estonia stands out.  


Do you need professional help for Estonia company registration?

Our trusted advisors are providing company registration, wallet license, and exchange license for all levels of organizations in the blockchain industry. We at Consulting24 offer you a Virtual wallet operating license and Exchange operating license depends upon your needs. A virtual wallet operating license can be useful for holdings, savings, and virtual transactions. If you wish to change fiat to crypto or crypto to fiat, an exchange operating license will help your needs. As a Blockchain Consultant, we ease your digital registration and documents submission to raise your business level.

We are also helping with project strategy consulting.

We provide a Company registration, Wallet license, and Exchange license in silver and gold packages. Estonia has two crypto licenses:

  1. Walletlicense – Geta virtual currency wallet service

Licenses permit providing hot/cold virtual currency wallet service in the framework of which the company provides keys for costumes or keeps customers keys. Keys can be used to keep, store and transfer virtual currencies.

  1. Exchange licenses – Exchange a virtual currency against a fiat currency

Flats to crypto are allowed, similarly, licenses to crypto, crypto to crypto transactions and crypto to fiat are also allowed.

The operating licenses are issued by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), which is an independent structural unit of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.


∙         Company registration 1,300 €

∙         Authorized person 250 € /year

∙         Virtual address 250 € /year

∙         Wallet and exchange licenses 4,100 €

Overall charges 5900€ only But now you avail all these services just for 5,500 € as per our November new registration campaign.



Do you wish to buy readymade companies in Estonia? Here are some readymade companies are for sale in Estonia.

∙         Cryptobanq OÜ, wallet and exchange license for 12,000 €

∙         BTCWHALE OÜ, wallet and exchange license for 12,000 €

∙         Coinpro OÜ wallet and exchange license for 12,000 €

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