Credits is an international company founded in 2015 and has offices in the United States, Singapore, and Russia. Credits offers public and private solutions to its clients in all areas of IT development and Blockchain. 

The particularity of Credits is a high-speed decentralized Blockchain that provides up to 1 million transactions per second with a single transaction confirmation time of about 0.1 second and a reduced fee of about 0.001 USD.

For comparison, ERC20 (the Ethereum Blockchain) supports about 15 transactions per second, while its sidekick SHA256 (Bitcoin) supports 7 and XRP 1,500.

The platform is designed to develop autonomous Java smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). Why Java? Because this programming language is simple and easy to learn for developers and coders all over the world, unlike Solidity on Ethereum, which is much more complex and rigorous.


Credits Blockchain

It is therefore to simplify the development of IT protocols and Blockchain infrastructures of all kinds that the developers of Credits have implemented this IT language.


And it is for all these reasons that the Crypto Intelligence Agency (whose role is to offer a match-maker services for Blockchain projects) decided to partner with the company Credits, because we saw great potential both in terms of user simplicity (fast, secure, inexpensive) and developer simplicity (simplifying the IT language to initiate larger-scale adoption had become essential).

The adoption of decentralized registers will only be possible if there is a better understanding of the Blockchains, as well as their financial and technical improvement. And we think Credits is moving in that direction.

credits comparison


Are you also interested in developing a smart-contract, your own computer program or simply your own Blockchain project? Credits will find the arguments to convince you and adapts to all budgets, whatever they are.

Contact us so that we can put you in touch with the Credits staff and offer you a discount (as always with the CIA):

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