Imagine a world where your transactions are safer, faster and with almost nonexistent transaction fees, the Coinerium payment gateway is making it a reality now.  In combination with our very own over-collateralized stable coin, our users can make daily transactions and not worry about the volatility of the cryptocurrencies.

Coinerium Coin is crypto – collateralized (decentralized) stablecoin. In order to secure the value of our coin we collateralized it 150%. So you can be sure all of your funds will be safe even if the prices of the crypto assets change unexpectedly, the 150% insurance will be used to compensate for the changes.

Banks or fiat currencies will not be used to stabilize our currency. It is 150% ethereum collateralized. Automated stability will be obtained with the use of a specially designed application for fluctuations, moreover, it will be fixed with the ethereum price. All the funds will be secured in ethereum with a smart contract. By doing this you will be able to see exactly how much does the smart contract contain and rest assured that all the funds are safe.

To make sure all our clients can have easy access to their funds we created a mobile and desktop application. Manage your wallet and funds through our user-friendly interface on daily basis.

The Coinerium products are designed with an exquisite interface, advanced data tools for users and merchants alike to disrupt the cash-dependent system and also the antiquated banking systems.

Coinerium transfert

The Coinerium solves several problems for our users amongst which:

  • Single payment method for online shopping
    • With Coinerium you can pay for both physical and digital goods and services easily and swiftly. In addition, you will evade the issues such as uncharged delivery which can bring the price significantly up.
  • The obligation of carrying cash
    • No one wants to carry large amounts of cash to buy something only to risk getting it stolen or getting injured over it. Now with Coinerium, we have a solution for that as well. With Coinerium you can pay for all that you want and need and not carry a single penny in your physical pocket. It’s brilliant!
  • Cross border money transaction
    • Transferring money in different countries so far has been a complicated and rather expensive process. It usually takes days, if not longer, and always ends up in someone losing some of the amounts in the process of conversion from one to another currency. Since Coinerium has its own stable coin the costs of changing currencies are removed from the equation. And the transaction process is as quick as when you are paying for your morning coffee.

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