Still not very well known, blockchain is preparing a big changing in our societies, This new technological wave is building, silently, tomorrow’s world.


What’s Blockchain ?

Blockchain (or decentralized network nod) is a technology appeared in 2009 that has known a great expansion thanks to the Bitcoin to finally boom in 2017. Blockchain is a database that can’t be modified by unauthorized actors. The nod keeps a historic of all modifications made on it, since its creation.


What purpose ?

Blockchain brings solutions to liability problems, safety and traceability of exchanges and reduces costs. Indeed, using a blockchain makes it obsolete to use a trusted this party (e.j: notary) to complete transactions. Impossibility to falsify a document would make it possible to do it online, rmaking the creation of professional smart contracts, official documents, a possibility (e.j : diplomas) online.


For who ?

Private sector, tech companies, insurance and banking for transactions safety, website, logistics and mass retail for traceability in agribusiness, in particular, to avoid sanitary scandals (Findus and horse meat, Lactalis and contaminated milk).

Important innovations for HR are to be proposed. In order to combat against fake diplomas but also to develop a new recruitment model, more efficient, faster to meet companies’needs in an innovative way. Using algorithms would help select relevant profiles for companies and the HR profession would have to be reshaped taking a new dimension that is still to be defined. The charge of work linked to research and evaluation of candidates would be reduced, this task usually taking a lot of time. Blockchain, thanks to a simple QR code would allow to verify the liability of a profile. Transparency and safety of resumes would be guaranteed and would allow to establish a trusted relationship between companies and candidates even before their integration.


Blockchain is an opportunity of numerical reconversion for the public and private sector.


Job opportunities

More and more companies are interested in Blockchain and generate an expanding job creation movement. GAFAs, banks, financials and tech companies are the biggest investors in Blockchain. Facebook in particular will launch its own coin in 2020, called Facebook Coin, inspired by Bitcoin.

In October 2018 job growth linked to Blockchain has had an increase of 300% compared to the previous year. Growth of demand in programmers has increased of 3300% over 12 months in the sector.

Professionnalization of the field and companies seeking new applications to this technology are driving forces generating those jobs.

Jobs linked to Blockchain are in majority technicals jobs but also involves jobs in business and commerce such as financial analysis, product manager, Business analyst (full list here). Proof that this technology is slowly changing our environment.

Blockchain has fine days ahead, generating jobs and tangibles solutions in terms of security and traceability, it is still not really well known by the general public (74% of French people don’t know about Blockchain, 26% have heard of it). So, Blockchain, a plus on your resume ?


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