Now that you are familiarised with the buying/selling platforms of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) through FIAT currencies, such as Coinbase. (Discover our registration tutorial on Coinbase). It is time to go one step further and discover the altcoins’ world. We’ll take the Binance platform as example:

Binance was launched in July 2017 by Changpeng Zhao. It is now the biggest exchange.

It has several advantages, the first being the low transaction rate (0.1%) which makes it very competitive within the market. In addition, by owning Binance Coin (BNB) (Available directly on Binance) the fees are divided by 2 and paid directly in BNB (0.05%).

The interface is intuitive but, because it offers different tools than those in Coinbase, it still requires a slight adaptation.

The team is very present and the support answer very fast, which is not the case for all exchanges.

Hundreds of different cryptocurrencies are available and, just like Coinbase, it is a very secure platform.

Now it’s time to register:

Registration on Binance

Go to the Binance website: Binance

homepage binance tutorial

Click on “Create an account” located in the middle of the home page or, at the top right hand corner, click on “Register”.

account binance

Enter your “Email” and “Password” and tick off “I agree to Binance’s Term of Use”.

PS: To get much secure passwords we advise you to use password generators such as using the special characters as below with a minimum of 15 characters

generator of strong password

This will allow you to have an extremely effective password, thus a strongly protected account. Remember to save this password on a dedicated document (the best option being to write it down on a sheet of paper)

Check the box I accept Binance’s terms and conditions of use”.

Once the step completed, click on “Create an account”.

email verification tuto

Once this step is completed, a verification email will be sent.

Go to your mailbox to validate your email.

email confirmation for binance

Open your email and click on “Check email address”.

Once the verification completed, you will automatically be redirected to the Binance website for the next step.

activation binance account tutorial cia

Congratulations your Binance account is officially created.

You can now connect.

2fa puzzle

To prove that you are not a robot, you have to place a piece of puzzle (see above) in the indicated location.

You just need to  click on the small cursor with the 3 green symbols, hold the mouse, and drag it until the puzzle completes the grey area.

notice confirm tutorial

Once all the boxes have been ticked click on “I understand, continue”

find 2fa tutorial

2fa account

Following this, it is strongly recommended to secure your account. You should use tools such as “Google Authentication”, which is a secure application installed on the phone that allows you to connect to Binance in a much secure way (Note that to enter the corresponding authentification code you will need to have your phone at your disposal each time you want to connect.)

Note that you can still buy and sell the crypto currencies on the site without having to go through these steps but, by doing so, you’ll put your account at risk.

mobile app 2fa

Follow Binance‘s instructions on this subject – they are extremely clear. We strongly recommend this application for your security.

mobile phone

Then, to protect your account via your phone. Please enter your telephone number.

(The +33 means “0”, so if your number is 0612345678, enter +33 “612345678” (the registration of your phone number will not be used for commercial purposes) It allows you to secure your account, that way it will inform you by SMS in case of intrusion attempts.

Enter the authentication code that you will receive by SMS.

Click on “Submit”.

limit btc novice

Once these steps completed, your account will switch from Lv1, which imposes a withdrawal limit of 2 BTCs per 24 hours, to Lv2, which allows you to withdraw 100 BTCs.

Lv3 is only interesting if you are a professional with huge equity.

Once this step is completed, congratulations your account is created.

Welcome in the crypto world!

Now click here to learn how to use Binance.

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