Apple just announced “CryptoKit“, a new framework that allows developers to perform secure operations. This new feature give us the right to think that the iPhone could soon be delivered with a crypto wallet as it is already the case on Samsung’s side.

The kit’s features are expected to be unveiled at the WWDC – Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

The functionalities of CryptoKit

According to Apple, CryptoKit will allow to use hashage, to generate encrypted keys in iOS applications.

Features will also allow developers to use public key cryptography to create and evaluate digital signatures and perform key exchanges.

It will also be possible to use private keys stored and managed by Apple’s Secure Enclave, a hardware key manager, isolated from the main processor to provide an additional security layer.

Frederic Jacobs, a member of Apple’s cryptography and security engineering team, said CryptoKit is an advanced and efficient interface that will allow users to perform various cryptographic operations.

frederic jacob

Viktor Radchenko, founder of TrustWallet, said the latest addition of Apple to iOS 13 meant that it could now have all the features of a hardware wallet.

Apple and Samsung in a frantic race for innovation

Apple seems to be following Samsung’s initiative and catching up by integrating cryptocurrency support into their devices. Last February, Samsung launched its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10, which has an integrated wallet allowing users to store their private keys.

In a context of democratization of payment methods using cryptocurrencies and finally emerging from a crisis that lasted more than a year and a half, rumors are saying that Samsung also plans to integrate cryptos payments through Samsung Pay. Aware of what is happening in the market, Apple decided to take action by offering its customers the use of cryptoactives as part of their purchase. It is too early to say whether or not the company plans to provide a complete crypto wallet in their devices or even to integrate cryptocurrencies into Apple Pay, but given the speed at which Blockchain technology is evolving and the growing number of large companies taking advantage of its benefits, we should quickly see changing among these popular manufacturers.

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