This is a new survey conducted by the cyber security company Kaspery Lab, the study dates to June 17 and it reveals that 19% of people in the world have already purchased cryptocurrency.

This survey was conducted using a questionnaire between October and November 2018 with 13434 respondents from more than 22 countries.

According to the same report, only 10% of respondents fully understand how cryptocurrencies work.

We also learn that 14% of those who have never used cryptocurrency would like to do so in the future. A figure that has certainly increased since the new enthusiasm generated by the announcement of Libra Facebook’s new cryptocurrency.

Respondents who had stopped using cryptocurrencies judged 31% of them to be too much volatile, there is a real demand for stability from users (which will be the path taken by Libra).

23% of respondents considered that cryptocurrencies were no longer profitable, particularly due to the bear market that cryptocurrencies may have experienced in 2018.

22% of respondents stated that the main reason they stopped using cryptocurrencies was mainly because they were not backed by a real asset (such as gold for example).

The reasons related to piracy and fraud are in last place, accounting for only 19 and 15% of respondents

The Kaspersky team also adds that the adoption of cryptocurrencies has slowed down due in part to a lack of understanding of how they work.


Another survey by the same company notes that nearly 12% of American investors are long-term investors.


Now we just have to wait and see the impact that the Libra coin will have on these figures.

To be continued.

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